Sport SA Reconciliation Action Plan



This Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is intended to cover all sports in South Australia. It is being driven by Sport SA on behalf of the Aboriginal Community following an approach by the State Commissioner of Aboriginal Engagement, the State Government through the Office for Recreation and Sport and Sport SA members.


The intent of this RAP is to ensure all sporting bodies embrace Reconciliation and introduce initiatives in their various codes that bring increased health, fitness and wellbeing opportunities for Aboriginal people.


The Sport SA RAP is “a-whole-of-sport” RAP because it sits over a number of different sporting codes as members and it is not intended to replace or supersede any RAP that an existing sporting code may already have (e.g. Netball SA). Rather it is designed to complement / value-add to that RAP and possibly provide guidance in terms of any gaps that may exist (e.g. policy gaps and special measures etc.)


The Board of Sport SA has now endorsed ‘in principle’ the Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan September, 2018 – September, 2020 as an important strategy for sport in the future. The Board is now seeking comment from its members, stakeholders and the wider community on the Action Plan. Your input into this stage of the process is required as your feedback will be collated by the RAP Working Group and Reconcilation Australia and then fully endorsed by The Sport SA Board


Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan September, 2018 – September, 2020 can be accessed