Expressions of Interest to host the 2020 South Australian Masters Games

Council and Regions are invited to submit an Expression of Interest to host the 2020 South Australian Masters Games.

The South Australian Masters Games is an integral part of sport and the rights are owned by Sport SA. We have a commitment to assisting our members to provide sport at all levels including Masters.

The benefits of the South Australian Masters Games to your Region include:
- Enhancing the health and wellbeing of the community
- Profiling of the Region and community
- Economic benefit of the visitors to the Region
- Opportunities to bring the sporting organisations together and work with each other to deliver quality sport
- Growth of the volunteer base as the community works together to deliver the event and all related activities.
- Engagement of the local business community with sport
- Opportunity to bring the “previous champions” and participants back to sport in their old or a new activity as they re-generate their interest
- Improvement of the sustainability of sport with a financial benefit through increasing membership of the clubs with the “Masters grade” and the event revenue.
- Council partnerships and relationships are strengthened as the Masters Games is delivered with and for the community.

The bidding document incorporating the expression of interest for the 2020 South Australian Masters Games is in the link below and I encourage you to consider if your Region would be interested in conducting the event.  We have enjoyed many successful Masters Games across South Australia and there is no doubt that the regional communities have embraced the Games for their locals and the many passionate Master’s athletes who travel far and wide for their sporting events.

We look forward to your interest and submission to host the 2020 South Australian Masters Games.

To download the expression of interest form click Here