Masters Games

2019 SA Masters Games, Port Pirie

5th - 14th of April 2019

We welcome back our friendly SA Masters Games Ambassadors; Nerida Saunders, Mark Davis and Michelle Den Dekker.


Competition will be fierce across 29 sports at the 2019 SA Masters Games in Port Pirie, including:

Archery Harness Racing
Athletics Hockey
Baseball Lawn Bowls 
Basketball Netball
BMX Bicycle Motocross Pistol Shooting
Clay Target Shooting Sailing
Cricket Softball
Croquet Squash
Darts Swimming
Dirt Circuit Racing Table Tennis
Dragonboat Tennis
Equestrian - Murray Town Touch Football
Golf Volleyball

Port Pirie Council and Sport SA Make Exciting Extension to Masters Games

Host region for the 2019 SA Masters Games, Port Pirie have today announced that they will be extending the length of their games to include a full ten days of competition and celebration.  

The event will see the 24th hosting of the South Australian Masters Games with Port Pirie’s initiative of extending the games to possibly be the most exciting Masters Games event we have witnessed thus far.

Sport SA Interim CEO, Jane Russo said “Port Pirie Regional Council presented a fantastic test case to extend the timing of this prestigious event, which will enable competitors to compete in multiple sports and help showcase the wonderful new infrastructure within the city, along with enjoying the fantastic atmosphere and camaraderie that follows such an event.”

Manager – Tourism & Events, for Port Pirie Regional Council, Glen Christie said: “The motivation for extending the 2019 Masters Games was to maximise the participants’ opportunity to take full advantage of the new Sporting Complex.

With a combination of indoor and outdoor areas – including a gymnastics complex and squash courts, plus the multi-functional ovals – catering to football, soccer, cricket and baseball and the refurbished swimming pool – there are going to be a lot of sporting opportunities for engagement.

 With ten days and two big weekends, competitors will now be able to register for multiple sports and maximise their time in the area.”

The 2019 South Australian Masters Games will be held from Friday 5th April through to Sunday the 14th  April 2019… Start putting your team together now!

Further information regarding dates and sports involved will be released at a later date.

The Games

The Masters Games is a multi-sport event designed to allow sportspeople opportunities to participate in the sports of their choice and to compete with their age peers.

The opportunity to participate, compete and to be physically active is the main motivation of the participants and while winning is important, it should not dominate the event. Social interaction is also a very important feature of Masters Games for the participants.

The Objectives of Masters Games:

  • Provide an incentive for athletes to renew, maintain or commence their active participation in sport
  • Supply a focus for sporting organisations to identify and recognise mature age participants, establish communication and encourage involvement in mainstream sport
  • Encourage sporting organisations to address the development of mature aged component of their sport
  • Stimulate and promote community interest and participation in sport
  • Encourage the partnership of Tourism and Sport in regional areas
  • Promote more people to participate in mature age sports activities from your region and the rest of South Australia
  • Provide an annual State Masters opportunity
  • Encourage retail and commerce to support the local development of sport in their region.

The History

The Masters Games concept was first suggested by the Australian Sports Commission in the early 1980's. It was a concept that saw the beginnings of the World Masters appearing in Toronto in 1985 as well as the Alice Springs Masters in 1986. Since then a myriad of Masters events have supplied the world's mature age athletes with a host of opportunities in sharing a common philosophy of engaging in some form of activity and mixing it with a social occasion that will long be remembered.

The South Australian Masters Games have been held annually since 1996 with a wide variety of regions hosting the Games.

Previous Regions that have hosted the South Australian Masters Games are as follows: 

  • 1996 Riverland
  • 1997 Adelaide
  • 1998 Mt.Gambier
  • 1999 Riverland
  • 2000 Port Pirie
  • 2001 Port Lincoln
  • 2002 Port Pirie
  • 2003 Whyalla
  • 2004 Port Pirie
  • 2005 Riverland
  • 2006 Port Pirie
  • 2007 Murray Bridge
  • 2008 Port Pirie
  • 2009 Ceduna
  • 2010 Port Pirie
  • 2011 Naracoorte
  • 2012 Port Pirie
  • 2013 Orroroo
  • 2014 Naracoorte
  • 2015 Clare Valley
  • 2016 Murray Bridge
  • 2017 Clare Valley
  • 2018 Murray Bridge