SSA board appoints new CEO

Sport SA is pleased to announce it has appointed Ms Leah Cassidy as its new Chief Executive Officer.

With a 23-year career in sport and recreation, education management and human services – in Australia, Hong Kong and Turkey – Ms Cassidy has the skills and experience needed for Sport SA to prosper as South Australia’s leading sporting umbrella organisation.

Announcing the appointment, Sport SA President, Hon. Mr Michael Wright, also thanked Interim CEO, Jane Russo, for her hard work and dedication over the past few months.

Ms Cassidy, who will start her new role on 27 August, has considerable experience in developing effective networks across both the government and non-government sectors – a key factor in her new role.

"As someone whose life has been shaped by my involvement in sport, I am extremely excited by the opportunity to work with our member organisations to get results that will benefit people across South Australia," Ms Cassidy said.

"In particular I welcome the opportunity to work with all parties to meet the challenges and explore the opportunities that the new National Sports Plan brings to South Australia."

Ms Cassidy has been on the Board of the Sammy D Foundation for the past two years.