The South Australian Sports Federation Incorporated (Sport SA) was established in 1991 as the peak sports industry professional association, providing industry advocacy, training and professional support to its 160 members and affiliated bodies in the industry.
The organisation employs a full time Chief Executive Officer, Business Manager, Training Manager, Part time Membership and Administration Officer,  Finance / Training Administration Officer and Contracted lecturers as part of the training team.
We are a non-government, not for profit organisation and our members are:
•    State Sporting organisations
•    Sporting Industry bodies and organisations
•    Local government
•    Commercial sports industry organisations
•    Sporting clubs
•    Other organisations associated with the industry

Sport SA has achieved a reputation for promoting sports administration and management as a professional small business operation, for high level advocacy with government on important Sports Industry issues, is a Registered Training Organisation and has expanded a highly respected industry training program to meet the needs of our industry.
The Sport SA Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer and staff are supported by the industry to lead, represent and advocate for sport while ensuring that the membership has access to services, programs and projects which enhance the delivery of sport.
Sport SA is a member of Community Sport Australia Ltd. with the State Sporting Federations advocating, representing and elevating key matters pertaining to our members at a national level.
The Sport SA Industry Skills Centre is the key facility for industry training and also an excellent venue for sports organisation needs for training, governance and development activities.

Our Services:
Sport SA provides the following member services, activities and programs and also on a needs/fee for service basis for the community:

•    Lobbying and Advocacy
•    Governance
•    Policy Advice and development
•    The State Sport Dispute Centre
•    Human Resources Services
•    Workforce Development
•    Event and Project management
•    Sport Volunteers Network
•    The South Australian Masters Games
•    The South Australian Sport Awards
•    Sport Awards
•    The South Australian Sport Hall of Fame

Organisational Context
Sport is an integral part of our lifestyle and is enjoyed as participants, coaches, officials and spectators. Participation in sport can be recreational, with an emphasis on fun and physical activity or have a performance emphasis on competition within an event structure.
The structure and organisation of sport from community sport at the grass roots level provides excellent health benefits while developing the physical and social well-being of all participants and the pathway to elite sport catering for high performance athletes competing at a state, national or international level and the success of our athletes is enjoyed by the entire community.
Sport is managed and developed within the supporting structures inclusive of clubs, state, regional and national sporting organisations, incorporated as associations or public companies, limited by guarantee, as legal entities with governance structures as defined by their membership. The associations, clubs, commercial and private providers organise activities which are competitive, have formal rules and require physical skills, within various structures for the community. Local, state and federal government are key stakeholders in the sports industry, recognising the value of sport and providing significantly to the resources and infrastructure of sport.
The sports industry continues to evolve with an increasing contribution to the economy and the positive impact on productivity, health, wellbeing and social capital is reflected in the sense of community which we see in sport. Sport is also entertainment when attending sporting events and enjoying the opportunity to see our athletes in action at every level of competition.
Employment across the sector continues to grow with predominantly small business, not for profit organisations providing the services in sport and physical recreation. In addition sport is an integral part of other industries such as events, tourism and hospitality. Our volunteer workforce is the core of our industry and we are dependent on their outstanding contribution. Sport and physical recreation organisations have the highest percentage of volunteers involved in many roles such as coaching, officiating, administration, communication, fundraising and sales.
Sport and recreation face the same economic and social challenges and is responding to meet the changes including costs, demographics and social inclusion to provide activities for everyone.

The leader for sport in SA

To provide leadership for the growth and success of sport in SA.

Our values define our behaviour and establish our culture.

Performing at the highest standard with professionalism and strive to achieve the best for our members and partners.

Valuing the contribution of everyone and ensure that fairness is at the forefront of our culture.

Acting in an ethically responsible manner with honesty and respect

Demonstrating our passion for sport and our industry in all business

Striving to be innovative, open to new ideas and creative to meet challenges


His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AO, Governor of South Australia

Sport SA is a member of:

Community Sport Australia (formerly known as: ASSFA - Australian State Sports Federations Alliance)

A Compact Partner