Masters Games

2019 South Australian Masters Games Expressions of Interest

Council and Region to submit an Expression of Interest to host the 2019 South Australian Masters Games.

The South Australian Masters Games is an integral part of sport and the rights are owned by Sport SA. We have a commitment to assisting our members to provide sport at all levels including Masters.

The benefits of the South Australian Masters Games to your Region include:
- Enhancing the health and wellbeing of the community
- Profiling of the Region and community
- Economic benefit of the visitors to the Region
- Opportunities to bring the sporting organisations together and work with each other to deliver quality sport
- Growth of the volunteer base as the community works together to deliver the event and all related activities.
- Engagement of the local business community with sport
- Opportunity to bring the “previous champions” and participants back to sport in their old or a new activity as they re-generate their interest
- Improvement of the sustainability of sport with a financial benefit through increasing membership of the clubs with the “Masters grade” and the event revenue.
- Council partnerships and relationships are strengthened as the Masters Games is delivered with and for the community.

The bidding document incorporating the Expression of Interest for the 2019 South Australian Masters Games is attached to this email and I encourage you to consider if your Region would be interested in conducting the event.  We have enjoyed many successful Masters Games across South Australia and there is no doubt that the regional communities have embraced the Games for their locals and the many passionate Master’s athletes who travel far and wide for their sporting events.

This year we have responded to feedback from the host regions and addressed the issues associated with remaining medals and merchandise after the event.  We have worked with Sports Centre to supply these items at a cost effective price thereby reducing the risk associated with unsold goods and the financial implications.

Thank you for your interest and if you have any questions please phone 08 83537755 or email Jan Sutherland This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

We look forward to your interest and submission to host the 2019 South Australian Masters Games.
The Expression of Interest can be downloaded here.

The South Australian Masters Games are to be hosted by the Rural City of Murray Bridge in 2018

Sport SA congratulates the Rural City of Murray Bridge on their successful bid to stage the 2018 South Australian Masters Games.

“The Rural City of Murray Bridge is very excited to have been chosen as the host for the 2018 South Australian Master Games. As demonstrated by our successful staging of the 2016 SA Masters Games, we have many excellent sporting facilities and very capable sports administrators and volunteers that will provide an outstanding experience for participants. We are looking forward to welcoming visitors from far and wide and introducing them to the many attractions of the Rural City and the broader Murray Bridge Region.” said Mayor Brenton Lewis.

This event will celebrate the 23rd staging of the South Australian Masters Games, with previous host regions including Ceduna, Clare, Mt. Gambier, Orroroo, Pt. Lincoln, Pt. Pirie, the Riverland and Whyalla.

Sport SA CEO Jan Sutherland said, “The unique environs of the Rural City of Murray Bridge will showcase the mighty Murray River including aquatic activities with rowing, dragon-boating and swimming. There will also be a wide variety of activities both sporting and social. The new and improved sporting facilities which have been developed and planned will be ready for 2018.
I encourage our sporting masters to joining us once again at the Masters Games in Murray Bridge. Masters Sport is a great way to enjoy lifelong involvement in sport as part of an active, balanced and healthy lifestyle for all South Australians.
Please take the opportunity to visit Murray Bridge and the Murraylands region, enjoy the local hospitality and be a part of the 2018 South Australian Masters Games”.

The 2018 South Australian Masters Games will be held from Thursday 19th April through to Sunday the 22nd April 2018. Further information is available here.

The Games

The Masters Games is a multi-sport event designed to allow sportspeople opportunities to participate in the sports of their choice and to compete with their age peers.
The opportunity to participate, compete and to be physically active is the main motivation of the participants and while winning is important, it should not dominate the event. Social interaction is also a very important feature of Masters Games for the participants.

The History

The Masters Games concept was first suggested by the Australian Sports Commission in the early 1980's. It was a concept that saw the beginnings of the World Masters appearing in Toronto in 1985 as well as the Alice Springs Masters in 1986. Since then a myriad of Masters events have supplied the world's mature age athletes with a host of opportunities in sharing a common philosophy of engaging in some form of activity and mixing it with a social occasion that will long be remembered.
The South Australian Masters Games have been held annually since 1996 with a wide variety of regions hosting the Games.

Previous Regions that have hosted the South Australian Masters Games are as follows: 

1996 Riverland
1997 Adelaide
1998 Mt.Gambier
1999 Riverland
2000 Port Pirie
2001 Port Lincoln
2002 Port Pirie
2003 Whyalla
2004 Port Pirie
2005 Riverland
2006 Port Pirie
2007 Murray Bridge
2008 Port Pirie
2009 Ceduna
2010 Port Pirie
2011 Naracoorte
2012 Port Pirie
2013 Orroroo
2014 Naracoorte
2015 Clare Valley
2016 Murray Bridge
2017 Clare Valley

The Objectives of Masters Games are to:

  • Provide an incentive for athletes to renew, maintain or commence their active participation in sport
  • Supply a focus for sporting organisations to identify and recognise mature age participants, establish communication and encourage involvement in mainstream sport
  • Encourage sporting organisations to address the development of mature aged component of their sport
  • Stimulate and promote community interest and participation in sport
  • Encourage the partnership of Tourism and Sport in regional areas
  • Promote more people to participate in mature age sports activities from your region and the rest of South Australia
  • Provide an annual State Masters opportunity
  • Encourage retail and commerce to support the local development of sport in their region.