South Australian Sport Hall of Fame and Legends

Induction into the South Australian Sport Hall of Fame represents the highest level of recognition and is there to promote the outstanding achievements of this State's greatest athletes and general members. Nominations can be for athletes, teams and general members who each identify as a South Australian. Athletes and teams must have competed at the top level of their sport and general members will be selected for excellence and outstanding achievements in roles supporting athletes' participation. Nominations are submitted annually and any that are not selected in any given year will be reconsidered by the Selection Committee the following year. Visit the nomination page for further details. To Download the Hall of Fame information brochure click here.

September 15th 2010 marked the announcement of the inaugural members of the South Australian Sport Hall of Fame.
The South Australian Sport Hall of Fame is an initiative of Sport SA and we thank our members for their support in providing nominees for consideration by the Selection Committee.

 Name  Sport Year inducted
Simon Fairweather OAM  Archery 2010
Lisa Ondieki  Athletics 2010
Ron Sharpe (dec)  Baseball 2010
Phil Smyth AM  Basketball 2010
Sir Donald Bradman AC (dec)                                    Cricket 2010
Clem Hill (dec)  Cricket 2010
Mike Turtur AO  Cycling 2010
Gillian Rolton OAM (dec)  Equestrian 2010
Malcolm Blight AM  Aust Rules Football 2010
Barrie Robran MBE  Aust Rules Football 2010
John Kosmina  Football 2010
Juliet Haslam OAM  Hockey 2010
Vern Schuppan AM  Motor Sport 2010
Victor Richardson OBE (dec)  Multi Sport    2010
Michelle den Dekker OAM  Netball 2010
Kate Allen (Slatter) OAM  Rowing 2010
Vicki Hoffmann (Cardwell) BEM  Squash 2010
Mark Woodforde OAM  Tennis 2010
Bart Cummings AM (dec)  Thoroughbred Racing 2010
Dean Lukin OAM  Weightlifting 2010
Adelaide Lightning Team 1994-96  Basketball 2010
State Football Team 1963  Aust Rules Football 2010
Dianne Burge OAM (Bowering)  Athletics 2011
Ian Chappell  Cricket 2011
Fos Williams AM (dec)  Aust Rules Football 2011
Jane Crafter  Golf 2011
Robert Haigh  Hockey 2011
Adrian Quist  Tennis 2011
Kerri Pottharst OAM  Volleyball 2011
Dr Brian Sando OAM (dec)  Science (General Member) 2011
Rachael Sporn OAM  Basketball 2012
Alexander Tobin OAM  Football (Soccer) 2012
Neil Fuller OAM  Paralympics - Athletics 2012
Russell Ebert OAM  Australian Rules Football 2012
Charlie Walsh OAM  Cycling (General Member) 2012
Kathryn Harby-Williams  Netball 2013
Sir James Hardy Kt. OBE  Yachting 2013
Kenneth McGregor (dec)  Tennis 2013
Jack Oatey AM (dec)  Aust Rules Football 2013
Jenny Williams  Lacrosse 2013
Kerry O'Brien  Athletics 2014
George Giffen (dec)  Cricket 2014
Lynette Fullston (dec)  Multisport 2014
Christine Burton OAM  Netball 2014
Colin Hayes AM, OBE  Thoroughbred Racing 2014
Sandra Pisani OAM  Hockey 2015
Norman Claxton (dec)  Multi-Sport 2015
Robert Newbery  Diving 2015
Lorraine Eiler  Basketball 2015
Karen Rolton  Cricket 2015
Greg Chappell MBE  Cricket 2016
Jenny Cheesman AM  Multi Sport 2016
Matthew Cowdrey OAM  Paralympics - Swimming 2016
Ken Farmer  Aust Rules Football 2016
Julie Francou  Netball 2016
Jan Stirling AM  Basketball 2016
Brett Aitken OAM  Cycling 2017
Natalie von Bertouch  Netball 2017
Clarrie Grimmett  Cricket 2017
Chris Dittmar  Squash 2017
Phil Rogers OAM  Swimming 2017
Katrina Webb OAM      Athletics 2017
Anna Meares OAM Cycling 2018


Sir Donald Bradman AC (dec) Cricket (inducted as inaugural Legend 2010)
Bart Cummings AM (dec) Thoroughbred Racing (inducted as inaugural Legend 2010)
Barrie Robran MBE Australian Rules Football (elevated 2011)
Victor Richardson OBE (dec) Multi Sport (elevated in 2016)
Gillian Rolton OAM (dec) Equestrian (elevated in 2016)