CEO Round Table

The new series of CEO round tables planned by Sport SA, aim to bring sporting industry leaders together to discuss topics of mutual interest and develop solutions to shared issues. The aim of the first roundtable for 2019 was to develop a shared understanding of the training and professional learning needs of the industry. The outcome was to determine whether there was an appetite for Sport SA to take the lead on developing a professional calendar of events and to become a leading training provider in the industry.

The morning event was facilitated by Juliet Haslam and the contribution and suggestions from all involved was outstanding. This is a fantastic forum to enable great discussion on what’s important and on what can benefit sport here in SA. The opportunity to share views and learn from each other was well received and there was positive feedback around next steps for professional development in the industry. A summary document is soon to be circulated to all in attendance for feedback and then shared with those unable to attend on the day. A position paper (supported by sports) will then be developed and sent to the Minister.

Following the round table, Sport SA CEO, Leah Cassidy introduced some of Sport SA’s exciting new partners including CMI Toyota, Risk Management Essentials, Australian Sports Foundation and University SA, all new partners providing positive benefits to the sporting industry.