As the peak sporting industry organisation in South Australia, Sport SA has in its charter the responsibility of showcasing South Australian sport to the wider community. We believe that one of the best avenues to do this is through the staging of a major Sports Award event.

Each year the South Australian Sport Awards will honour those who have made an outstanding contribution to sport in South Australia as individual or team athletes, coaches, administrators and volunteers from both metropolitan and regional areas of South Australia.

We have a rich sporting culture in this state and the passion and commitment of those who have contributed to our great sporting past gives our young aspiring athletes inspiration for the future.

South Australian sport has a rich history of success dating back over 150 years and in addition we believe that those pioneers of sporting greatness in this state should be recognised for their outstanding achievements by induction into the South Australian Sport Hall of Fame.

At the discretion of the South Australian Sport Hall of Fame Selection Committee, an induction into the Hall of Fame will take place annually to recognise those exceptional sportspeople that have reached the pinnacle of their chosen sport(s) for a considerable length of time.

Furthermore those Hall of Famer members that have truly distinguished themselves at the highest level and in doing so have offered inspiration to other South Australians will be chosen to be part of a select group of individuals that will be installed as a South Australian Sporting Legend.